Democracy Education

The death of Teoh Beng Hock and the failure of Malaysian government to bring perpetrators to justice showcase culture of impunity permeated in the civil service. For decades, state apparatus such as police and MACC have been politicized to serve the political interest of the ruling Barisan Nasional. In order to de-politicize the MACC and other public institutions such as police and AG Chamber, the country needs to undergo democratization  by effecting the alternation of power at federal level .

To realize the democratization, Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy formulated a new strategy to emphasize on democracy education, aiming to promote awareness on democracy and human rights among Malaysians and strengthen the civil society. We believe that fostering vibrant civil society and strong social movements are the long term strategy to achieve democratization and to check culture of impunity.

Therefore, in Oct 2013, we set up the Democracy Academy of Malaysia (DAM) to provide continuing education and training on democracy and human rights, in order to promote citizens’ engagements in processes of democratization in Malaysia. Since 2013, the DAM has organized various activities such as, “Democracy Now!” workshop, community-organizing workshop, human rights talk, Earth Citizen Youth Camp, dialogue with indigenous people and others.

Introduction to Human Rights Tallk

Democracy Now! Workshop

Dialog : Imaginasi Demokrasi di Kawasan Pendalaman Borneo (Dialogue : Imagination of Democracy in the Borneo Inland)

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