The full speech text of the Chairperson of Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy Ng Geok Chee at the 10th anniversary memorial of the passing of Teoh Beng Hock at Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam on 13 July 2019
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I thank you for attending the 10th anniversary memorial event of Teoh Beng Hock, for to be with Teoh family after the ten years long struggle.
The purpose of organising annual memorial is simple, we want people do not forget the injustice, we want people to know that the perpetrators are still beyond the touch of laws, we want the government does something to correct the wrong and prevent the reoccurrence of the tragedy.
Ten years ago, we have a dysfunctional state which failed to ensure justice for Teoh. Whether it is MACC, police, AG chamber, RCI, coroner, pathologist or else, Beng Hock’s case exposed the failure of most public institutions in delivering justice.
After ten years, with the historic change of federal government, we thought there will be changes in the practice and perpetrators will be brought to justice immediately.
Unfortunately, all these public institutions are business as usual after the regime change. The police didn’t arrest the involved MACC officers, the AG did not charge MACC officers for homicide, and MACC kept and promoted officers involved in Teoh”s death.
We contacted Latheefa Koya for an appointment few times, privately or sending letters, but she never respond to us. We requested the police to speed up investigation and charge MACC officers for homicide, the police didn’t respond to us. We urged the government to form a task force comprise of AG, police, SUHAKAM, bar council, SUARAM to conduct a fresh investigation, but our words fell on deaf ears.
The way the new government and public institutions handled the new investigation is disappointing, I see no due diligence in discovering truth and ensuring justice for Teoh family. I worry how these old cultures that work against people’s interest can further protect citizens fundamental rights, especially those detained under the lokap of MACC, police and others.
Will we have a dysfunctional state again after change of government? I hope not. But the government must buck up immediately, setting up task force in investigating the case, engaging civil society organisation to provide input to establish the investigation direction of homicide.
Photo : Han Choo