The 9th anniversary memorial of the passing of Teoh Beng Hock (Kuala Lumpur) was successfully held at KLSCAH yesterday, approximately 90-100 people joined the memorial and supported the calls to bring the perpetrators to justice in a New Malaysia.Bukit Gelugor MP and Teoh family’s lawyer YB Ramkarpal Singh said that the former MACC leadership including Abu Kassim and Shukri could not involve in the fresh investigation into Teoh’s case as it was against the very principle of rule of law.UM Faculty Associate Professor Dr. Azmi Sharom urged the new government to ratify United Nations’ Convention against Torture to criminalise all torturous activities in the country and change domestic law accordingly.Beng Hock’s sister Lee Lan said the new government ought to reform national laws to amend burden of proof rules in the death in custody cases, the government should also amend the section 30 of MACC act to restrict the interrogation time within office hours to protect detainees’ right to rest.Pictures credited to Richard Chin