~ By Cogito Ergo Sum
Families of victims who have died in custody can now get help from the Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy which was set up specifically for this purpose.

At a fund-raising dinner last night, the Trust’ s chairman, national laureate A Samad Ismail, said that such incidents should never have taken place at all.

The octogenarian also reiterated the need for Malaysians to care for one another with unalloyed love.

Also, addressing a gathering of about 500 guests was law lecturer at Universiti Malaya, Dr Azmi Sharom.

In his address, Azmi lamented that while the Court of Appeal had declared that the late Teoh Beng Hock’s death was not suicide, nothing had changed.

“A crime has been committed. A body found. A verdict given. But there are no criminals apprehended,” Azmi said.

“The verdict is good. But what is the point of a good decision when there is no enforcement of the law?” he asked.

So far, the fund has raised RM154,854.00 for families of victims who died in custody.

Rakyat Times has been running a video series on custodial deaths and that can be viewed here.

Source: The Rakyat Times