2:30PM Oct 25, 2013

A group of Malaysian social activists today opened a school as a tribute to the late Teoh Beng Hock, four years after his death, with the aim of making state violence and political persecutions a thing of the past.‘Malaysians for Beng Hock’ coordinator Ng Yap Hwa said the movement hopes the Democracy Academy of Malaysia (DAM) can help to educate and empower citizens to actively participate in the civil rights movement.

Teoh, 30, who was political aide to a Selangor state executive councillor, was found dead on the fifth floor landing of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on July 16, 2009.

He was, until then, being interrogated by the Selangor office of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on the 14th floor of the same building.

“Teoh Beng Hock symbolises the young generation rising to the political challenges and demands for a change in the general election in 2008,” Ng said in a statement.

“We firmly hold that social movements must continue with their mission to empower the people to bring about the democratic reforms that we so much desire.”

NONEDAM will conduct training programmes and workshops across the country on democracy and human rights. It is hoped that the graduates of these courses will become the drivers to further democratising Malaysia.

The advisers to the academy include veteran social activists such as Abdul Samad Said (Pak Samad), Ong Boon Keong, Dr Wong Chin Huat and Dr Toh Kin Woon, Ng (right) said.

Five short courses – Education for Democracy, Community Organising, Introduction to Political Economy, Understanding Draconian Laws and Your Rights and the Basics of Child Rights Convention – have planned to kick off DAM’s acitivities.

Details of the training can be obtained from its Facebook site.

Source : Malaysiakini