Press Statement by Malaysians for Beng Hock

Malaysians for Beng Hock urges member of public generously give donation to the three families to help them overcoming the economic hardship – Gunasegaran Rajasundram and Ulaganathan Muniandy, together with Gunasegaran’s witness Selvach Santhiran Krishnan.

Malaysian society needs to standby the victims of custodial death for justice, as well as forming a strong and supportive environment so that witnesses can courageously voice against injustice. Donor can give donation by bank in to Maybank account 5641 4653 3656, joint account holder Teoh Lee Lan & Liau Kok Fah. Please fax bank in slip to KLSCAH at 03-22724089 or send email to and remarks “Donation for custodial death families”.

Gunasegaran died in police custody in July 2009. Although there were witnesses had seen Gunasegaran beaten up by a policeman until unconscious and the second autopsy reeled a scar measuring 28cm (L) by 8 cm (W) by 5cm (D) on his chest, the inquest coroner delivered an open verdict in Oct 2010. Since then, Gunasegaran family lost the sole bread winner, his son has been suffering from serious diabetes and consuming insulin, despite of that hard time, his sister Ganga Gowri is determined in seeking justice by taking up civil suit against 12 police personnel.

Ulanganathan Muniandy was detained at Kajang police station under Emergency Ordinance since 12 May 2003. He was found dead in police custody on 21 July 2003. A witness said Ulaganathan was hit by police personnel several times at the stomach until lost conscious. Since then, Ulanganathan’s family suffering economic hardship, the parent unable to pay rental and forced to move out, his father’s also suffered from diabetes and his leg undergone amputation surgery recently.

Selvach Santhiran Krishnan was detained together with Gunasegaran, he bravely testified that Gunasegaran was assaulted by policeman in custody despite threats to his safety. He was arrested and beaten up by police, then under detention without trial for 2 years. Because of that, his family could not afford to pay the government apartment rental, electricity and water bill amounting RM1400, his son has not been attending school because of not able to pay bus and school fees.

Chong Kok Siong


Malaysians for Beng Hock movement