Clarification over the questions that arise during fundraising

We often come across the following questions when raising fund for ‘TBH Trust for democracy ‘. We wish to make some clarification over these doubts.

1) Question ‘I have donated to the trust before, why raise fund again?’ – We believe that many people had donated to ‘Teoh Beng Hock Trust’, a trust which set up in 2009 run by DAP to raise fund for Beng Hock’s son, Er Jia. We appreciate that your kindness to support the education fund that aims at take care of Er Jia. Our organisation Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy is a different entity, a non-governmental organisation formerly known as Malaysians for Beng Hock that worked on issues relating to Beng Hock, political persecution, death in custody and other democracy and human rights issues. The fund raising dinner on 5 December is our first big scale fund raising activity to set up a permanent office and establish a legal aid fund to support victims of political persecution and death in custody. We did small scale donation drive during the signature campaign in 2010, GE13 in 2013, and raise fund for victims of death in custody in 2013 and 2014.

2) Question ‘TBH Trust for democracy is a political organisation’ – Since its inception in 2010, Malaysians for Beng Hock was endorsed by 8 civil society organisations and worked independently on every issues taken up by u. The board of directors comprised by social activists from various background with Pak Samad as our chairman (Read here : Political persecution is a serious violation of human rights that affects politician, we will definitely work with any political party which is willing to give a hand, be it Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional. But unfortunately, not only involved in political plot that caused the death of Beng Hock, none of Barisan Nasional component parties really come forward in solidarity with the movement, not even organised a candle light vigil.



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About ‘TBH Trust for democracy’

[Dec 5 (Friday)@Dewan Mutiara, Jln Ipoh] Fund Raising Dinner of Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy

Fund Raising Dinner of Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy
Date:   5 December 2014 (Friday)
Time:  19:00
Venue: Dewan Mutiara (Kompleks Mutiara), Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Dear Sir / Madam,

Re : ‘Light up Democracy and Human Rights’ Fund Raising Dinner

Jamuan Malam Pengumpulan Dana【Teguhkan Demokrasi, Tegakkan Hak Asasi】

Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy,(TBHTFD) formerly known as Malaysians for Beng Hock movement, is an independent and non governmental organisation established on 16 July 2014. The founding objectives include advocating democratic rights of Malaysians enshrined by the Federal Constitution, creating a just and transparent system and to prevent Malaysian citizens from being persecuted.

Due to lack of operating fund, we are faced with difficulties to carry out our work plan effectively. Therefore, we decided to organise the above mentioned fund raising dinner for following purposes : (1) To set up a permanent secretariat and to employ executive staff, (2) To carry out democracy education and works relating to democratisation, (3) To set up a legal and human rights fund to support victims of political persecution and death in custody.

In fact, there were many cases of political death since independence. For instance, the Labour party member Tang Bao Guang was violently beaten to death by police in 1965, Lim Shun Cheng who was being shot dead in 1969, Beng Hock who was found dead at MACC in 2009 and K. Murugan who was murdered during the 13th General Election. TBHTFD is the first trust fund specially formed in support of victims of political persecution and death in custody.

Advocating for democracy and human rights is a long and winding road, we need supports from more friends and concerned citizens who believe in the same cause. We can only stop political persecution if Malaysian citizens choose not to forget the wound of democracy and actively adopt measures to prevent recurrence of such tragedy. Let’s light up democracy and human rights for our future generation.

The Fund Raising Dinner details :

Date : 5th December 2014, Friday
Time : 8:00 pm
Venue : Dewan Mutiara, Kompleks Mutiara, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

Each ticket is RM100, kindly contact the Executive Secretary Ng Yap Hwa at 012-2658448 or Ng Seow Chen at 011-22463370 to buy tickets. You are also welcome to become sponsors of the fund raising dinner, contact above persons for more information.

[Press Statement] GHAH to Submit People’s Petition on Sedition Act to Parliament on 11 November 2014

Gerakan Hapus Akta Hasutan (GHAH) launches today a people’s petition campaign to call on the parliament to review the abuse of the Sedition Act and violations of human rights and to repeal the Act.

GHAH hopes to collect 10,000 petitions and submit all the petitions to the parliament on 11 November 2014. GHAH will gather all petitioners to submit the petitions to the parliament on 11 November 2014 and we urge members of public to also come to parliament to support the submission of the people’s petitions.

GHAH also welcomes the lawyers’ walk organised by the Bar Council in support of the repeal of the Sedition Act. We call on all supporters of GHAH and members of public to join the lawyers’ walk from Padang Merbok to parliament on 16 October 2014.

We urge the government to heed the call of the Bar Council in repealing the Sedition Act and preserving the rule of law in our beloved country. The legal fraternity cannot function to serve justice and the rule of law when lawyers can be convicted for merely expressing their legal opinions such as in the case of Karpal Singh, law professor can be charged for giving his academic views on legal matters such as in the case of Professor Azmi Sharom and law student is investigated for his view expressed in private sphere such as in the case of Dalbinder Singh Gill in Penang.

We condemn the counter appeal by the Attorney General’s office against the sentence in the case of Adam Adli, seeking for a longer prison term to be imposed on Adam Adli who was originally sentenced for 12 month jail term by Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court on 19 September 2014. This runs in direct contradiction to the promise of the Attorney General Abdul Ghani Patail to review all sedition cases on 9 September 2014 after public outrage on the abuse of the Sedition Act.

We further demand the Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar to come clean and explain to the public the meeting with 60 heads of division of UMNO on 14 August 2014 in which it was reported that the UMNO division leaders demanded IGP and AG to act on the police reports lodged against government critics.

Soon after this meeting, government critics, one by one, were investigated and charged, starting with member of parliament of Padang Serai, N. Surendran charged on 19 August 2014 and member of parliament of Shah Alam, Khalid Samad charged on 24 August 2014.

According to documentation of SUARAM, there have been a total of at least 20 cases of investigation and 12 cases of prosecution under the Sedition Act in 2014. Only 6 cases of investigation and 4 cases of prosecution predated the meeting of IGP and AG with UMNO division leaders.

The spike of cases of investigation and prosecution against government critics under the Sedition after 14 August 2014 clearly raises question and concerns whether the IGP and AG are now acting as the political tool of UMNO division leaders and taking instruction from UMNO division leaders.

We call on the IGP and AG to be accountable to the people and inform the public why both of them met with the UMNO division leaders, who were the UMNO division leader and what were discussed and agreed in the meeting.

GHAH would like to call for an urgent meeting with AG to get his explanation on the selective prosecution under the Sedition Act.

[Photos@ Sep 29] Candle light vigil in solidarity with Occupy Central in Hong Kong

Approximately 100 Malaysian concern citizens turned out in Bukit Bintang yesterday night to condemn the HK government used of violence to clamp down Occupy Central participants. The organiser demanded both HK and China government to release all detainees and implement free and fair election in Hong Kong.

~ Photo by Han Choo

Foto Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy.
Foto Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy.
Foto Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy.
Foto Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy.
Click here to view more photos:  Candle light vigil in solidarity with Occupy Central in Hong Kong (13 photos)

[Kenyataan Media ] Tubuh IPCMC dan Bebaskan Ali!

~ Kenyataan Media Badan Amanah TBH Demi Demokrasi 28hb September 2014

Badan Amanah TBH Demi Demokrasi mengecam penahanan kali ke-4 Ali Abdul Jalil oleh pihak polis. Polis harus menghentikan penyalahgunaan kuasa setelah menahan beliau selama 20 hari. Ketua Polis Negera mesti membebaskan ali dengan segera dan memohon maaf daripada Ali.

Penyalahgunaan kuasa polis dalam kes Ali, sekali lagi membuktikan cadangan IPCMC (Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salah Laku Polis) pada zaman bekas Perdana Menteri Abdullah Badawi perlu dilaksanakan dengan segera. Ia merupakan satu saluran aduan kepada semua mangsa penyalahgunaan kuasa polis – termasuk keluarga Ali. Kami menggesa Kerajaan Najib supaya membentangkan rang undang-undang IPCMC dalam sesi mesyuarat Parlimen pada oktober 2014. Kelulusan undang-undang tersebut menjaminkan hak asasi manusia semua rakyat.

Sehingga sekarang, kerajaan tidak memberi sebarang penjelasan tentang dakwaan pemukulan Ali semasa beliau ditahan dalam penjara Sungai Buloh. Kementerian Dalam Negeri digesa supaya memandang serius terhadap tuduhan ini dan menjalankan siasatan bebas secepat mungkin. Semua agensi penguatkuasaan kerajaan mesti menjamin keselamatan orang tahanan. Peristiwa penyeksaan orang tahanan tidak boleh diterima oleh masyarakat bertamadun. Kerajaan Najib harus menandatangani Konvensyen Membantah Penyeksaan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu supaya semua tempat tahanan agensi penguatkuasaan mencapai piawai hak asasi manusia antarabangsa.

Pada 8hb Sept 2014, Ali Abdul Jalil ditahan oleh polis dan didakwa di mahkamah seksyen Selayang kerana dituduh mengeluarkan kenyataan yang menghina Sultan. Selepas ikat jamin, beliau ditahan oleh polis dan dipenjarakan di penjara Sungai Buloh. Ali dilepaskan pada 23hb September 2014, tetapi polis menahan beliau semula serta-merta dan membawa beliau ke Johor Bahru untuk menjalankan siasatan selanjutnya. Penahanan Ali dipanjangkan selama 4 hari lagi. Pada 27hb September 2014, setelah dilepaskan, Ali ditahan sekali lagi dan dibawa ke IPD Nusajaya dan mahkamah meluluskan penahanannya 3 hari lagi.

[Press Statement] Amend Selangor Constitution to Uphold Democracy

~ Press Statement by Kembalikan Selangorku: A Black Ribbon Campaign 25-9-2014

Pertaining to appointment of PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali as the new Menteri Besar of Selangor by Sultan without nomination of majority members of state assembly ,Kembalikan Selangorku campaign is of the view that should the top post of state government not being elected follow due democratic process, it will be detrimental to the constitutional monarchy system in Malaysia. Furthermore, it violates the 53th article of Selangor state constitution and denies people’s democratic rights to decide leadership via representative electoral system.

PKR President Wan Azizah secured support of 30 out of 56 state assembly persons, this clearly show that she command confidence of majority representatives. However Sultan’s refusal to meet Wan Azizah forbid her presentation of command of majority, discourage holding and dissolution of state assembly meeting and eventually, all available channels to end the Selangor MB fiasco in a democratic manner are barred.

Both Federal Constitution and State Constitution explicitly state that “Yang Di Pertuan Agong / Sultan shall appoint the Prime Minister / Menteri Besar from member of parliament / state assembly who in his judgment likely command confidence of majority in parliament / state assembly”. Hence constitutions does not allow Sultan to request few candidate names from the ruling party, nor can his Majesty presume “Azmin Ali would get the majority support after the appointment”.

The role of Sultan in a constitutional monarchy system is merely formality, Sultan shall appoint a candidate proposed by ruling party. The competency and quality of leadership of a Menteri Besar should be decided by voters in election. A democratic system does not permit the intervention of monarchy in administration and political decision-making process.

We criticize Pakatan Rakyat for deserting democracy principle, switching its support from Wan Azizah to Azmin Ali in a very short period. The action of Pakatan Rakyat silently endorsed intervention of monarchy in appointment of Menteri Besar. The de facto leader of PKR, Anwar Ibrahim had stood by the state constitution while criticized by Selangor Sultan, but soon he gave up the constitutional stand and surrender to Sultan’s appointment. This indeed disappointed many in Selangor.

Selangor Pakatan Rakyat should have taken step to bring the case to court, as what former Perak Menteri Besar Nizar did, for clarification of state constitution and democratic principle. It should not give up responsibility to uphold the supreme law of state and disregard the mandate from people.

Selangor MB crisis exposes shortcomings of democratic system in Selangor state. We urge Selangor PR government to implement the following reforms to prevent re-occurrence of constitutional crisis and regression of democracy.

1) ‘Democratise’ the Selangor state constitution; amend unreasonable clauses which disallow ruling party to convene an assembly meeting. The speaker should convene an assembly meeting if it is requested by majority member of state assembly;

2) Establish the legislative supremacy principle. The Perak and Selangor constitutional crisis shows that legislative assembly is still the most appropriate channel to resolve power struggle among political parties, each party or coalition can prove command confidence of majority state assembly persons in the assembly, rather than a press conference outside the assembly. According to news report by The Star on 23 September, five state assembly persons had informed Sultan that they would abide to any decision by the Sultan in appointment of Menteri Besar. Further confusion stemmed from this.

3) Implement a politics of transparency and openness. We have seen that former MB Khalid signed the water restructuring agreement which keep his ruling party in darkness, PKR leaders orchestrated Kajang move, PAS refused to reveal its MB candidate names, Sultan only revealed the identity of MB before 24 hours of the swearing-in. All these practice violates people’s right to information. The new administration must implement principle of freedom of information. Pakatan Rakyat government must release a white paper to explain the water restructuring fiasco, Kajang move and Selangor constitutional crisis and public monies that involved in these issues.