[Tangkak@Saturday 24-1-2015] Tayangan Dokumentari Mendiang Teoh Beng Hock


Tayangan dokumentari dan ceramah keadilan untuk Beng Hock pada 24 Januari di Tangkak, Johor. Rakan-rakan di kawasan Johor Utara sila sertai.

Tayangan Dokumentari Mendiang Teoh Beng Hock 赵明福命案纪录片《坠落》放映及分享会

Date:Saturday 星期六
Venue:东甲州议员社区中心 Pusat Komuniti ADUN Tangkak No 27, Jalan Kemajuan, Off Jalan Payamas, Tangkak, 84900 Ledang, Johor.

[Press Statement] Public Agency Should Not Immune from Criticism

~ Press Statement by Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy on 13 January 2015

Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy condemns the arrest of human rights lawyer Eric Paulsen under the Sedition Act on 12 January 2015. We stress that public agencies including Malaysian Islamic Development (JAKIM) should not be immune from criticism. Every citizen has the right to question the conduct of a public agency that is funded by tax payers without being intimidated by the state. Using religion as a shield of conduct of religious authority is despicable.

Eric Paulsen, the Executive Director of Lawyer for Liberty(LFL), was arrested by 20 strong policemen in Brickfield at 930pm despite he had agreed to assist police investigation the next morning. Heavy presence of police force seemingly a security operation targeted towards an armed criminal group. Apparently, the police has abused its power to harass the prominent human rights activist at odd hours. The government continues to create a white terror atmosphere to clamp down freedom of expression of the people.

Once again, we are firm that the draconian sedition act must go and citizens’ constitutional rights must be upheld. In spite of diverse personal religious belief in our multi-ethnic society, we urge all civil society members to stand by Eric Paulsen in defense of the core value of a democratic society, freedom of speech.

Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy

[Press Statement] 93 NGOs calling for rational discourse in support of 25 concerned citizens

We, a group of Malaysian NGOs fully support the recent open letter from a group of 25 personalities that identified themselves as “a group of concerned citizens of Malaysia” to urge the government to hold a public discourse on Islamic law vis a vis the Federal Constitution. The 25 individuals, who identified themselves as “moderate Muslims”, comprised of, among others, retired civil servants, judges and ambassadors.

We applaud the courageous action of these towering figures to stand up and publicly address sensitive yet critical issues plaguing our nation. Too often in the history of nations, the extremists have triumphed not because they enjoyed majority support, but because the majority were silent and idle. Like similar minded NGOs working for the love of our nation, these 25 senior citizens chose not to be passive and have voiced their dismay and abhorrence at the current state of the nation.

We share their sentiment that “there is a real need for a consultative process that will bring together experts in various fields, including Islamic and Constitutional laws, and those affected by the application of Islamic laws in adverse ways”. We would further add that a similar process of consulting relevant experts and stakeholders, be applied to matters related to the process of legislation of other laws too. These should be undertaken in an ambience of transparency, best practises , mutual respect and permeative consultation.

The letter raises the alarm that “the use of the Sedition Act hangs as a constant threat to silence anyone with a contrary opinion”. We couldn’t agree more with this statement. The Prime Minister has reneged on his promise to repeal the Act and announced that the Act would be further emboldened with two additional provisions. We are deeply concerned with this development.

Individuals in the group of 25 that had held high public offices previously should be proud that they have discharged their official duties justly and honourably.

These personalities in the group of 25 are exemplary citizens of Malaysia. We support them and urge other Malaysians to do the same.

We abhor all forms of extremism, hate speech and violence. In the spirit of peace, muhibbah and nation building we invite all Malaysians to engage in a healthy, rational and civil discourse on pressing national issues and silence the voices of hate and extremism in our beloved nation.

(TBH Trust for Democracy is one of the endorsees)

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[Skrip Ucapan A. Samad Said] Bebaskan Malaysia Daripada Kezaliman

~ Ucapan Pengerusi Badan Amanah TBH Demi Demokrasi A. Samad Said di Majlis Makan Malam Pengumpulan Dana ‘Teguhkan Demokrasi, Tegakkan Hak Asasi’ pada 5hb Disember 2014 di Kompleks Mutiara, Jalan Ipoh, KL.


Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

Saya mewakili Badan Amanah TBH demi Demokrasi, berterima kasih kepada hadirin sekalian kerana membantu menjayakan Majlis Makan Malam Pengumpulan dana ‘Teguhkan Demokrasi, Tegakkan Hak Asasi’.

Pertubuhan ini bermula sebagai Gerakan Malaysians for Beng Hock pada 2010, untuk menyokong keluarga Teoh untuk menuntut keadilan dan jawapan tentang kematian Beng Hock. Selepas PRU-13, gerakan ini ditransformasikan menjadi Badan Amanah TBH demi Demokrasi, ataupun Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy, untuk meneruskan perjuangan dan membantu mangsa-mangsa penindasan politik dan kematian dalam lokap seperti Beng Hock.

Dana yang dikumpulkan melalui majlis makan malam ini, akan digunakan untuk 3 tujuan, iaitu (1) Menyewa satu pejabat dan mengupah pegawai eksekutif, (2) Mengadakan dana guaman dan hak asasi untuk menyokong mangsa-mangsa penindasan politik dan kematian dalam lokap dalam proses menuntut keadilan, (3) Melancarkan pendidikan demokrasi dan hak asasi.

Adalah amat penting masyarakat sivil Malaysia mempunyai dana tersebut untuk melawan kezaliman dan ketidakadilan, kes Beng Hock, Ahmad Sarbani, Gunasegaran, Ulanganathan tidak patut berlaku sebab tahanan penguatkuasa sebenarnya tempat menjamin keselamatan warganegara, pihak penguatkuasa, polis atau SPRM adalah penuh bertanggungjawab ke atas setiap kematian.

Malangnya kekuasaan politik yang monopoli selama 57 tahun telah menyalahgunaan kuasa mereka, undang-undang dilanggar dan ketua polis membohong, jadi kes kematian dalam lokap berulang-ulang tanpa akhir.

Di samping itu, kerajaan persekutuan terus menggunakan akta-akta zalim zaman penjajahan seperti akta hasutan untuk menindas pimpinan parti politik dan gerakan sosial, sekurang-kurangnya 17 orang aktivis, wakil rakyat telah disiasat atau didakwa sejak PRU-13. Pihak berkuasa juga menggunakan Akta Perhimpunan Aman dan agensi kerajaan misalnya SPRM untuk menindas rakyat. Penindasan politik akan menyebabkan masyarakat penuh dengan teror putih, menakut-nakutkan opinion leader untuk bersuara, akhirnya mengakibatkan pemimpin yang korup terus memerintah.

Kami berharap, dengan mewujudkan dana guaman dan hak asasi ini, Badan Amanah TBH untuk Demokrasi dapat menyumbang kepada perjuangan demokrasi di Malaysia, kami akan terus bersama dengan masyarakat sivil dan NGO lain untuk melawan ketidakadilan, merealisasikan Malaysia bebas daripada kezaliman, penindasan politik, penyesakan dan kematian dalam lokap.

Terima kasih.

[Rakyat Times] Hope for custodial death kin in TBH Trust for Democracy

~ By Cogito Ergo Sum

TBH Pak SamadFamilies of victims who have died in custody can now get help from the Teoh Beng Hock Trust for Democracy which was set up specifically for this purpose.

At a fund-raising dinner last night, the Trust’ s chairman, national laureate A Samad Ismail, said that such incidents should never have taken place at all.

The octogenarian also reiterated the need for Malaysians to care for one another with unalloyed love.

Also, addressing a gathering of about 500 guests was law lecturer at Universiti Malaya, Dr Azmi Sharom.

TBH Dr KuaIn his address, Azmi lamented that while the Court of Appeal had declared that the late Teoh Beng Hock’s death was not suicide, nothing had changed.

“A crime has been committed. A body found. A verdict given. But there are no criminals apprehended,” Azmi said.

“The verdict is good. But what is the point of a good decision when there is no enforcement of the law?” he asked.

So far, the fund has raised RM154,854.00 for families of victims who died in custody.

Rakyat Times has been running a video series on custodial deaths and that can be viewed here.

Source: The Rakyat Times